“A nurturing, caring approach is always the best one to take.
That has been and will always be my motto.”




Hello! I am Tina R. Parsons of Nurtured Learning. I am a Calgary-based Registered Psychologist.


I help children, youth and parents through mindfulness practice and therapy to create short-term and long-lasting changes. I believe in a healthy mind-body connection as part of my practice and for myself.

Darwin Dragonfly Learns the Secret to Mindfulness

by Tina R. Parsons (Author), Jennifer Dale Stables (Illustrator)

This beautifully illustrated book is targeted to the elementary aged child but can be enjoyed by all ages. Let it be a guide to help teach children to relax and self-regulate strong emotions as they connect to the adventures of Darwin the Dragonfly and learn how they too, can become more mindful in their daily lives.

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