How We Work Together

Our work together begins with an assessment in my private office (or over the phone by special request). Then we develop a therapy plan that usually includes 6- 12 sessions, but may be adapted to your unique concerns. You may work with me with or without professional referral.

I believe therapy should have a clear beginning and end. I teach you mindfulness practices, so you may continue your journey of mental wellness when our work together is done.

I believe in a fit between therapist and client. Please learn more about me and my mind/body connection and mindfulness therapy philosophy here. Find more information about assessments and process further below on this page.

Helping Children, Youth, Students and Parents

Children & Youth: Children can suffer from mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, anger management difficulties, relationship difficulties, poor coping skills, problems with focus and concentration or difficulty learning. Using therapy involving mindfulness and mind/body connections, we can help your child learn to cope better and to create success in the home and school environment. Please note that parenting support is also available.

Students: Many youth and young adults struggle with the transitions of life (so do their parents). Big changes occur in life at a time when the emotional aspects of the brain are still developing and this causes undue angst, worry and can lead to development of habits and behaviours that are worrisome and sometimes harmful. But through therapy involving mindfulness and mind/body connections, we can help you (if you are a student) or your teen or adult child learn to cope better and create life success in their transitions.

Adults: Adults sometimes struggle with anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, attention and/or learning concerns. Sometimes they may ask themselves, “what is life really all about?”. They have strived for and may have already achieved “success” in the traditional sense but still feel a sense of emptiness or dissatisfaction. By utilizing therapy involving mindfulness and mind/body connections, we can help you not only learn to cope better but, with a continued and dedicated mindfulness practice, to potentially feel a deep and lasting satisfaction with your life.


Assessments & Important Information for Parents

iStock_000028532146_SmallFirst sessions usually involve the taking of a complete history (i.e., developmental, medical, social) for yourself, your child or person requiring therapeutic services. First sessions usually last about 1 – 1 1⁄2 hours. From there, the number and frequency of sessions are tailored to your presenting concerns/needs. However, I aim to begin and end treatment plans in 6-12 sessions as this is a typical process to resolve many concerns.

Parent(s)/Guardians usually sit in for some/all of the first session for children or may be seen for initial interview on their own without your child (depending on the child’s age). From there, time is spent in each session engaging with your child through fun activities to get them comfortable with testing/therapy before it starts/continues. It is my belief that is very important for there to be a “good fit” for your child and your family with my therapeutic style (i.e., my therapy approach is influenced by the mind/body connection and mindfulness) and for the family to commit to continuing to practice suggested strategies even after therapy has ended for there to be a successful outcome.

Psychoeducational Testing /Assessment is completed individually and results from assessments are shared in a feedback session (Parents/Guardians of child/teen assessments are involved in these feedback sessions). A professional report is written for you to keep and/or to share with school, family physicians or others as needed (with your written consent).

Therapy sessions can involve a number of different combinations including individual, with parents or parents on their own. Strategies worked on in session with children are discussed with parents and will need to be practiced at home with parental support and encouragement. There is no formal report included with therapy.


Fee for Service

All therapeutic sessions are fee-for-service, billed at the recommended PAA fee schedule. I have access to Psychiatric Consultation as needed and there is no direct charge to you for this service.

Most extended health care insurance plans will cover a portion of my fees and I provide invoices for you to submit to your insurance provider. I can provide direct billing through Alberta Blue Cross.

Other Programs

In addition to my private practice, I provide services and programs to schools, groups, not-for-profit organizations and individuals in these other manners:

Comprehensive Psychoeducational Testing/Assessments (for children five years of age and older, teens, and adults)

• Assessment of ASD (formerly Asperger’s Syndrome) in Children, Teens or Adults

Brief Individual Therapy – specialties include self/emotional-regulation and mindfulness

• Consultation

• Supervision – providing high quality supervision to provisional psychologists/clinicians as part of the formal registration process or to enhance current clinical knowledge of mental health assessments and/or mindfulness as an approach to therapy

Workshops – providing large and small group professional workshops on a variety of topics related to mindfulness, including mindful parenting, mindfulness and self-regulation, mindfulness for children, mindfulness for pregnancy

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