How To “Be” In the Moment, When You Think You Can’t

How To “Be” In the Moment, When You Think You Can’t

So often I hear, “but I’m too busy to slow down!” in response to my request to clients to consider sitting still in mindful contemplation for even just a few minutes a day. Society seems to reward “busy-ness”. The busier you are, the more successful and therefore the happier you must be. But is this truly often the case? Take a moment to think about how many people you know, perhaps even yourself, who are so “busy being busy” that days or weeks may pass in a seeming blur with no real happiness highlights. One day blends into the next with no recollection of a particularly beautiful sunrise or sunset, a nourishing meal or feelings of heartfelt gratitude for those closest to us.

What’s a busy person to do?

The answer is at once simple yet often difficult to commit to. You must learn to begin and end each day with a sense of deep gratitude (an example of mindful contemplation). To perform your daily tasks fully present and alert to what you are doing in that moment without your mind wandering off or rushing to think about the next task. To really listen when people talk without rushing to formulate your own response. To pay attention when your body or mind are telling you they are tired and need rest or rejuvenation. In fact, if you learn to “be” more in the moment, you can still do all your tasks or projects (if you’d like) but the difference will be that you will be performing them with much greater awareness and appreciation. That way you will be a human “being” instead of a human “doing”.


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