Should Your Child Be Assessed?

Should Your Child Be Assessed?

Most parents do not consider Psychoeducational Assessment of their child until a teacher raises a concern (e.g., the child is struggling or conversely, seems bored in the regular classroom setting). While it may be alright to take a “wait and see” approach for some issues, it is much better to be proactive with others. Some things to consider:

-Was your pregnancy or delivery with your child complicated?
-Was your child delayed in acquiring one of more of their developmental milestones (e.g., language, motor skills, etc.)?
-Does he/she struggle socially?
-Does he/she struggle to stay focused in class?
-Alternatively, is your child exceptionally advanced? Did he/she acquire developmental milestones earlier than most? Does he/she excel in learning? Does he/she have an exceptional memory or aptitude for a particular area, such as science?

Considering such questions will be helpful in determining if you should have your child professionally assessed by a registered Psychologist. In addition to completing the assessment, a Psychologist can discuss topics such as educational accommodations, placement options and other considerations, such as the need for tutoring.

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