The Family That Moves Together, Solves Problems Together

The Family That Moves Together, Solves Problems Together

Get out and move!

Going for a family walk is a great time to squeeze in some family discussion and problem solving time. Often children (and particularly tweens/teens!) are more open to talking while their body is in motion and they are unaware that they are actually engaged in meaningful family time. They cannot escape to their rooms or the screen of their mobile devices (do not bring any devices along on the walk!)

Take the time to be mindful of nature as you walk. Discuss the changing of the seasons or any wildlife you encounter. Even if it’s only the neighbour’s dog. Smile and acknowledge each person as they walk past. On purpose ask how each member of the family is doing. Are they happy at school, work etc. are there any small changes that can be made today to start making stressful situations better? Brainstorm as a family. When you get home your body and mind will feel refreshed. Repeat often.

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