Is Your Teen Depressed?

Is your teen depressed

Is Your Teen Depressed?

Is your teen moody or irritable lately? Of course, a certain amount of this can be considered normal in the teenage years as teens strive to find a sense of identity and deal with a surge of pubertal hormones at he same time. So, when do you know there’s something more happening than normal teenage angst?

Consider the following questions:

Is your teen showing a decrease of interest in things they used to enjoy?

Does your teen seem down for more days than not?

Has your teen’s sleep or eating patterns changed?

Have they expressed difficulty concentrating or have their grades decreased?

Have they complained of constant lack of energy or lack of hopefulness for future?

If so, professional consultation may be warranted. If you have any immediate, serious concerns about your teen’s safety you should immediately proceed to your nearest urgent/emergency care centre or call The Distress Centre anytime, 24/7 (PH: 403-266-1601).