Beat the University or College Blues with 6 Mind-Body Activities You Can Do On-The-Go

Beat the University or College Blues with 6 Mind-Body Activities You Can Do On-The-Go

It is easy to feel overwhelmed in college or university. Large, anonymous lecture halls, looming deadlines and seemingly endless assignments or homework. Therefore, it is for these reasons that it is especially important to focus on good self-care so you will have the energy to make it through the semesters.

What follows are six mind-body activities you can do on-the-go:

1. As you head to class, think about a couple of things you are grateful for in that moment. Maybe it’s a beautiful day, or you realize how lucky you are to have the opportunity to attend a place of higher learning while some others do not.

2. Remember to take something healthy to drink and eat in your backpack such as a homemade smoothie or some fresh fruit/veggies that you can snack on while on-the-go between classes. It will fuel you better than most food court offerings.

3. Set an intention to be mindful in all your lectures that day. Really pay attention the what the professor is saying. Take good notes. It will save you extra study time later.

4. Find time to do some quick stretches or go for a brisk walk between classes. Sitting all day is not good for your body or your mind. Mindfully pull your shoulders down and away from your ears, which is where they tend to creep up to when we are stressed.

5. Notice details about nature as you walk outside. Are the trees still covered in snow or do they look like they are getting ready for spring with new buds forming on the branches? Inhale deeply the fresh air at least two-three times.

6. End your day by mindfully walking back to your car or the bus. Spend a few quiet moments reflecting on highlights of the day and set an intention to get studying done as early as possible so that you can spend a bit of time quietly relaxing before going to bed.