Bringing Ancient Wisdom of Mindfulness to Modern Day

Bringing Ancient Wisdom of Mindfulness to Modern Day

What the world needs now is more mindfulness.

People are so busy rushing from one task to the next that they hardly notice when their bodies and minds become exhausted, until it is too late. Why wait? What would it be like to decide in this moment to become more aware of exactly what your body and mind need to function optimally? To give rest, stimulation, movement, healthy food and fresh, clean water when needed? To sleep better, eat better, and generally just live better? The ancient masters knew the importance of training to mind to be present in the here and now so that life could be experienced more fully. So that decisions could be made wisely and not impulsively. So that emotions could be experienced more fully but not be overwhelming. So that judgements could be laid aside for true experiencing. So that you could truly become a human “being” and not a human “doing”.

Choose ancient wisdom and apply it to modern day. Be here now. Be mindful.




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