The Powerful Connection of Movement for Healing the Mind

The Powerful Connection of Movement for Healing the Mind

Our bodies were built to move.

We have elbows and knees that bend to enhance movement. Yet many people spend day after day sitting in an office or classroom setting for hours at a time and then go home to spend hours sitting on a couch or at a computer. The body doesn’t like this and will signal its dislike by developing aches and pain with activities of daily living. The mind also doesn’t like the body to be sedentary for too long and will likewise signal its distress by ruminating on thoughts or getting stuck in other unhealthy though patterns.

Make a commitment today to find ways of incorporating meaningful activity into every day. Walk briskly at lunch or between classes. Perform some light stretches every couple of hours. Consider joining an exercise group class that may motivate you to finish work/studying on time and get fit with others. You will likely notice an decrease in perceived stress levels, a “clearing of the mind” and a general feeling of “pressing a reset button” after each time you exercise. This may mitigate the development of more serious mental health concerns.


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